CalCheck - Calendar Checking Tool

New Release - CalCheck 2.5 is available now!

Project Description
CalCheck is a Calendar Checking Tool for Outlook. It opens the default Calendar and checks the items in the calendar for known problems, and for certain logic problems, etc.

New Updated Release Of CalCheck:
Please go to to download the latest release of CalCheck, or download it from the Downloads tab on this site.

There are a few new changes in CalCheck 2.5 - so please read the Documentation and Release Notes to see those changes. You can check the Knowledge Base article for CalCheck as well. It is located here:

Please use the Discussions board for feedback, and the Issue Tracker for any problems you run into. Thanks!

Privacy Note:
The data files produced by CalCheck can contain PII such as e-mail addresses.
Please delete these files from your system after analysis and/or supplying them to Microsoft for analysis.
For more information on Microsoft's privacy standards and practices, please go to

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